• Product information page of Programmable Display V9080iS Series


    • 8.4inches
    • TFT
    • 16.7M color
    • SVGA
    • 3ch serial
    • SD I/F
    • A/mini B USB
    • COM I/F
    • LAN 1ch
    • Audio
    • Video option
    • RGB option

    V9080iS series


    • DC power


    Dimensions and Part Names

    Power supply Rated voltage DC24V
    Permissible range of voltage ±10%
    Permissible momentary power failure within 1ms
    Demand (maximum rating) 28W or less
    Insulation resistance   DC500V 10MΩ or more
    Physical environment Ambient temperature 0~50℃*2
    Ambient humidity 85%RH or less (without dew condensation)*2
    Operation altitude 2,000 meters or lower
    Atmosphere Not to be exposed to corrosive gas, or conductive dust
    Storage temperature -10~60℃*2
    Storage humidity 85%RH or less (without dew condensation)*2
    Overvoltage category Category II
    Contamination level Level 2
    Mechanical operating conditions Resistance to oscillation Complies with JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Vibration frequency: 59Hz, pulsating with:3.5mm,
    9150Hz, Acceleration: 9.8m/s2(1G),X,Y,Z: 3 directions (10 times each)
    Resistance to shock Complies with JIS B 3502 (IEC61131-2) Peak acceleration: 147m/s2(15G), X,Y,Z:
    3 directions, three times each (18 times in total)
    Electric operating conditions Resistance to noise Noise voltage: 1,500Vp-p, pulse width: 1μs, pulse rise time: 1ns
    Resistance to static discharge Complies with IEC61000-4-2, contact: 6kV, air: 8kV
    Installation conditions Grounding Grounding resistance: Less than 100Ω, FG/SG separation
    Structure Protect structure: Front panel: NEMA #250 TYPE 4X (indoor), TYPE 13*3, equivalent to IP66
    (when water-proof gasket is used.), Rear cover: Compatible with IP20, Form: Single unit, Installation method: Panel mounting
    Cooling system Natural air cooling
    Dimensions W*H*D(mm) 235.0×180.0×48.9
    Panel cutout (mm) 220.5×165.5(+0.5/-0)
    Case color   Light gray
    Material   PC
    • *1: Scheduled to be released in Autumn 2014.
    • *2: Keep wet bulb temperature under 39°C to avoid malfunction.
    • *3: Available or complying after release.

    Performance Specifications

    Screen memory (FROM)   64MB
    Backup memory (SRAM)   800KB
    Display Display device TFT color LCD
    Resolution 800×600
    Display size 8.4″
    Colors 16.7 million*4
    Backlight LED
    Backlight life 70,000 hours
    Touch switch Type Analog resistance film
    Function switch Quantity 8
    External interface D-Sub 9-pin (CN1) RS-232C/ RS-422/485, Asynchronous type,
    Data length: 7,8 bits, Parity: even, odd, none, Stop bit: 1, 2 bits, Baud rate: 4800, 9600,
    Stop bit: 1, 2 bits, Baud rate: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200,187500*5bps
    Modular 8-pin
    RS-232C/ RS-422/485 (two-wire system), Asynchronous type,
    Data length: 7,8 bits, Parity: even, odd, none, Stop bit: 1, 2 bits, Baud rate: 4800, 9600,
    19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200 bps
    SD card One card slot provided as standard
    Ethernet 1ch,
    Baud rate: 100Mbps,
    Wireless LAN -
    USB Type A,Type mini-B(Ver.2.0)
    Sound output 1ch provided as standard
    Clock Backup period 5 years (Ambient temperature 25°C)
    Calendar accuracy Gap ±90 sec. per month (Ambient temperature 25°C, when power is not supplied)
    Standard CE marking*6 EN61000-6-2,EN61000-6-4
    UL・cUL*6 UL508、ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007*3
    KC Compliant
    Radio Act*6 -
    • *4: For the display of pictures, 3D parts and videos only. Other parts are displayed in 65,536 colors.
    • *5: Available only when connected with SIEMENS MPI/PPI.
    • *6: DC type only.