• Optics Applications

      Precision optics are being made to ever higher specification levels, demanding metrology solutions to match. Taylor Hobson has many decades of experience in the manufacture and measurement of precision optics, and can offer a wide range of instrument and software solutions for high value optics applications.

    Automotive Applications

      Taylor Hobson have had a long association with the automotive industry stretching over 50 years, this relationship has influenced and in many cases tailored our instruments and software towards the automotive industry. Whether dealing with specific applications or generic instruments we have the solution.

    Turbine & Compressor Alignment

      The "Aerospect" stack prediction products are recognised as the industry standard in alignment and the measurement of Gas turbine and jet engines, these systems are designed to withstand harsh build environments significantly reduce engine build time and optimise engine performance.

    Bearings Applications

      Today's vehicles and machinery are quieter and more efficient than ever while hard disc storage capacity is over 100Gb/ sq inch. Bearing quality is a controlling factor in these and other high technology developments. Taylor Hobson helps bearing manufacturers achieve the extremely tight tolerances required for these demanding applications.

    Hard Disk, MEMS and Semiconductor

      Today's hard disk drives, MEMS and semiconductor devices are not just testing the limits of current fabrication processes but also the metrology used to monitor them. The drive for higher yields on smaller geometry's with tighter tolerances requires the very best metrology for step height, roughness and micro dimensional measurement.

    Medical Applications

      The life sciences arena is an area of continual development and exploration. Each passing year sees radically new developments which improve the overall well being of individuals. These developments are typically pushing at the boundaries of nano scale metrology, an arena in which Taylor Hobson has operated for the best part of a century.

    Thin Film Measurement

      Interferometry has been extended to measure the thickness of transparent and semi-transparent films. Thick and thin films present some potential problems during optical measurements because of the possibility of producing signal from different layers, which can confuse the measurement and sometimes produces an incorrect answer.