The RS485 serial interface on Tracker instruments are electrically isolated and have four protocols including the widely used Modbus RTU. This allows a centralised "Master" device (e.g. a PC) running a data acquisition program to pole "slave" devices to receive real time data. This data can be viewed graphically in real time, archived for review later and give alarm alert if the values are outside preset limits.


    Some system also alow values to be sent from the Master to the slaves, e.g. Setpoint values.

    Demonstration data acquisition software can be downloaded here.

    The following instruments have a RS485 interface fitted as standard:

    • Tracker 220 Series 4/5-Digit High accuracy Process inputs
    • Tracker 240 Series 4/5-Digit Load Cell Indicators
    • Tracker 250 Series 5-Digit Melt Pressure Indicators
    • Tracker 260 Series 5-Digit LVDT Indicators
    • Tracker 280 Series 5-Digit Timer/Counter/Frequency Indicators
    • Tracker 300 Series DIN rail mounted instruments

    You can connect up to 32 devices to a single master device in a multi-drop configuration. You can control the display and analogue output via the serial interface, allowing any device to be used as a remote display or control device.