HMI Selection Guide helps you find the ideal HMI for your specific needs.
Data Volume Simple Machine Complex Machine Production Line Management Data Bridging / IoT Edge Box
  Cost-effective solution for Simple HMI + PLC Advanced High-performance HMI for demanding needs Supervisory Control at the production line level Integrate machine controls to Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion

   Industrial PCs  Edge PC


Basic HMI / Compact HMI Advanced HMI   Multi-Converter
  •  LT4000M Series (HMI + Control / 22mm Hole Mounting)
  •  STC6000 Series (HMI + Control)
  •  SP5000 Series (Modular)
  •  SP5000X Series (Outdoor) 
  •  SP5000 Series + Options (HMI + Control)


Basic HMI / Compact HMI     Edge Box HMI / Gateway Box
  •  ST6000 Series 
  •  ST6000E Series
  •  STM6000 Series (22m Hole Mounting) 
  •  STM6000E Series
  •  GP4000 Series (Standard) 
  •  Edge Box PC
  •  Edge Box HMI
  •  Gateway Box

Entry HMI      
  •  ET6000 Series
HMI Screen Editor & Logic Programming Software
HMI and operation management software for every customer. GP-Pro EX and Companion Software products are at the heart of value creation with data visualization and sharing.
Since 2006
Revolution new software, BLUE will offer an alternative experience in hardware design.
Anyone can easily create and change dynamic screens that allow for gesture operation.
BLUE will provide a ground-breaking versatile design style.
Since 2018

Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is a development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces



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