• PGI Matrix

    • PGI Matrix
    • PGI Matrix

    The PGI Matrix is the perfect all-around instrument for fully automated 2D and 3D form metrology of optics ranging from small, mobile phone lenses to large astronomy optics. 
    Our  productivity tool kit, offers a unique advantage for batch testing when measurement speed and throughput is a must. 
    The integrated PGI gage technology coupled with sophisticated automation software and hardware now offer users the ability to measure freeform optics that were never before possible. 

     Reduced costs and improved manufacturing yields 

     Improved utilisation 

     Improve your competitiveness 

     Future metrology savings 


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    PGI Dimension

    • PGI Dimension
    • PGI Dimension
    • PGI Dimension
    • PGI Dimension

    The new PGI Dimension is an ideal dedicated metrology instrument for precision form measurement of 3D form of shallow and steep aspherical lenses and moulds from <2mm and up to 300mm diameter.

    The PGI Dimension continues to expand the capabilities of the Talysurf family of instruments. Developed from the Talysurf PGI Blu, the PGI Dimension offers the combination of a wider range of part diameters (up to 200 mm) with new features supporting 3D measurement. Repeatability can be typically lower than 50nm.

    The PGI Dimension provides maximum flexibility to the customers. Measurements possible on optics ranging from small (<2 mm diameter) parts with high degrees of slope and up to parts of 200mm in diameter with 20mm of sag. This allows the PGI Dimension to measure optics used in a range of applications including: Cell phones, digital cameras, Blu-Ray players, projectors, medical and infra-red thermal imaging as used for rescue systems and security.

     Routine set-up and fully automatic form measurement              software allows "one-click" calibration and execution of a        sequence of repeatable measurements

     Able to measure steep slopes up to 85 degrees for 60mm        lens

     Automatic 3D visualization and analysis astigmatic

     Aspheric Analysis software including diffractive analysis

    PGI Dimension is an instrument ideal for R&D and factory floor requirements offering large potential cost saving to the company.


    Talysurf PGI Optics

    • Talysurf PGI Optics

    Following its first release in 1984, the Form Talysurf quickly became the number one tool for optics manufactures in measuring aspheric form error. Since then, we have installed thousands across the globe becoming a true industry standard. 

    Our patented PGI (Phase Grating Interferometer) technology enables you to measure large sags with short length styli. This enables us to combine very high stiffness and low force offering much greater accuracy and repeatability than our competitors. 

    The PGI Optics offers premium optics metrology packages designed to optimise performance and enhance your manufacturing capability. We offer a large range of instrument sizes and software packages to optimise your measurement needs as well as your budget 

    New software!
    Easy-to-use interface increases productivity

    New wide range gauge!
    Measurement of large sag lenses without compromise