Optics PGI

      Taylor Hobson offers a wide range of measuring instruments and software solutions for high value applications optics.

    Bearings PGI

      Taylor Hobson helps manufacturers of bearings to achieve extremely tight tolerances required for their demanding applications.

    Ultra Precision PGI Range

    Taylor Hobson offers a leading range surface shape, finishing and metrology solutions for 3D contour, ideal for the most demanding applications. 

    i-Series Range

    The Form Talysurf i-Series range of products is the main market reference tool for surface finish measurement, shape and 3D contour. 

    Shop Floor Intra

      The Form Talysurf Intra is a form of reliable and robust instrument forsurface finish measurement, ideal for 'workshop' production environments. 

    Handheld Surtronic

     Surface Finish Measurement The product range Surtronic combines advanced technology with precision and value to give the actual measurement of surface finish in the workshop, a control room or laboratory. Portable and flexible range Surtronic is ideal for measuring a wide range of components, even if they are inaccessible or difficult to move. 

    Surface Profilmeter Systems 

    Non-contact surface profilometers provide precise 3D metrology of a surface profile. Taylor Hobson’s surface profilometers include the CCI Optics, perfect for applications within the optics industry, and the CCI Sunstar, created for use in the solar industry. Choosing the correct surface profilometer for your application is made easy with our categorisation based upon industry.