• IR-Opflow Precision Flow Meters



    IR-Opflow precision flow meters


    IR based, low cost, turbine flow meter, 6 flow ranges [0 - 120 lpm].

    PVDF wetted parts.

    1 or 3 % accuracy,

    NPT, BSP & hose connections


    Key Benefits


    Manufactured in PVDF i.e. Polyvinylidene Fluoride

    Measuring range: 0.1 - 120 l/min. depending on model chosen

    Accuracy: +/- 1 % or +/- 3 % of the measured value depending on series 

    Repeatability: +/- 0.1 % of the measured value

    Patented design and lightweight rotor provide friction free rotational movement and minimize wear

    Easily mounts on any position

    No flow corrections required


    Interchangeable cartidges


    Tecflow International developed a new easy to clean IR Opflow precision flow meter. This turbine flow meter features an easy to replace cartridge that minimizes system downtime. The maintenance is efficiently handled by simply removing the inner cartridge assembly. Within a minute the flow meter is completely renewed without technical assistance.

    This feature increases the lifetime of the flow meter and reduces service costs.

    The highly accurate IR-Opflow Cartidge is available in 3 different sizes in the measuring ranges 0.1 - 2, 0.3 - 9 and 0.5 - 15 litre/ minThe IR-Opflow provides a repeatability of 0.1 % and is chemical resistant.