Our system solutions for all your automation tasks - from simple to very complex:




Our systems SLIO, 100V, 200V, 300S and 500S offer you a variety of top solutions and benefits for your central and decentral functions, as well as the long-term protection of your investments. All our CPUs are universally programmable with WinPLC7 from VIPA and STEP7 from Siemens.

300S - with integrated SPEED7 processor and Ethernet interface - is identical in construction to S7-300 from Siemens, and gives you flexible, solution-oriented mixed operation with the Siemens modules

SLIO -Consisting of CPUs with integrated SPEED7 technology including a smart configuration concept and a suitable I/O system. SLIO is one of the most efficient and most modern control systems on the market.

For decentral use of our systems we currently offer the following fieldbusses:









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