Let's rethink sensing technology

The recent developments in sensor technology, especially when wireless technology is considered, have opened up new gates in terms of health monitoring and preemptive fault detection.

BeanAir®’s wireless sensor technology offers great reliability, versatility, maintainability and easy to deploy technology.

Beanair deliver smart and rugged Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) dedicated to Structural Health Monitoring, embedded measurement, Smartgrid and environment markets.

Beanair provides three different type of products line:

Smart Sensor: Wireless Sensors (vibration, tilt and shocks) dedicated to Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Process Sensor: Wireless Data acquisition System (4-20mA and voltage inputs) dedicated to industrial monitoring

Eco Sensor: Wireless Sensors (Temperature, IR Temperature, Humidity and Pulse metering) dedicated to Environmental Monitoring




Smart Sensor

Process Sensor

Eco Sensor

 Vibration Sensor - Accelerometer        with Integrated Data Logger

 Current and Voltage Analog Input with                 Integrated Data Logger  Space Temperature, Humidity and Dew              Point Sensor with Integrated Data Logger

Shock Sensor - Accelerometer            dedicated to Shock Measurement       with Integrated Data Logger

    (Smart Shock Detection)

Tilt Sensor - Inclinometer                       Integrated Data Logger    



Accessories - X-Solar

Wireless Network Coordinator

Real-time WSN Supervisory Software
 High efficiency Solar Panel with Solar                 Charging Controller and Lead-acid battery

 Ethernet IEEE802.15.4

        Indoor Version

        Outdoor version



        Indoor Version

        Outdoor version


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