Analogue Gauging


Whether the application is in a manufacturing environment or in a laboratory, Solartron Metrology's extensive range of gauge probes has something suitable for a very wide range of environments. Customised sensor solutions can be designed and produced when there is not an exact fit in our standard product range.

Analogue Gauging Probe Spring Push AX Thumb Analogue Gauging Probe APP Thumb

Analogue Gauging Probes (Spring Push)

Spring Push Probe Standard - (AX/S)
Feather Touch Spring Push Probe - (AT/S)
Special Spring Push Probe - (AX/S)

Analogue Automatic Probes (Pneumatic)

Pneumatic Push Probe Standard - (AX/P)
'J' Type Pneumatic Push Probe - (AJ/P)
Feather Touch Pneumatic Push Probe - (AT/P)
DU1P X G-Seires

Analogue specialist Probes (AU, BG)

Analogue Flexure - (AU)
Analogue Block Gauge - (BG)


Analogue Displacement probe
Analogue Gauging Probe Spring Push AX Thumb

Analogue Miniature Probe (AM)

Analogue Mini Gauging Probe - (AM)

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