ProfiSignal Go

Delphin's ProfiSignal Go software is intended for users in industry, universities and institutes who are involved in measurement and process data acquisition and evaluation. ProfiSignal Go can be run with any Delphin hardware products.

• Data acquisition and storage
• Measurement data analysis and calculation
• Online and offline trends
• Data export and printout

ProfiSignal Basic

ProfiSignal Basic enables measurement data analysis directly at the visualization user-interface and/or within individual diagrams irrespective of the application. ProfiSignal Basic provides trends (y(t)- and logic diagrams) and characteristic curves (y(x)-diagrams) and – in addition to those available from ProfiSignal Go – many visualization objects such as buttons, switches, analog and digital displays, and signal lamps.

• Creation of system and process visualisation
• Operation and observing systems and processes
• Creation of basic reports

ProfiSignal Klicks

ProfiSignal Klicks is software that enables users to operate, monitor and control their experiments as well as to acquire and evaluate their measurement data.
The vision behind ProfiSignal Klicks is software that enables scientists, technicians and engineers to generate their own systems independently without the need for specialist assistance.
Other software languages have been developed by IT specialists for IT specialists and can be used only after a long period of familiarization. This is not the case with ProfiSignal Klicks. ProfiSignal Klicks has been developed by engineers for engineers.
• Automation of test stands
• Programming of control procedures
• Automation of evaluation / analysis functions
• Creation of parameter views
• Creation of detailed reports with automated evaluations

ProfiSignal 20 Go

ProfiSignal 20 Go enables you, in just a few steps, to visualise both online and offline measurement data in various types of diagram, to monitor the data, analyse it, archive it as a measurement file, and export it in the required file format.
• Measurement data acquisition and storage
• Visualisation of measurement data in on- and offline diagrams
• Measurement data analysis and processing
• Data export and reporting

ProfiSignal 20 Basic

ProfiSignal 20 Basic enables you to create individualised visualisations using a diverse range of operating and monitoring elements. Both continuous processes (e.g. production data acquisition) and non-continuous measurement tasks (e.g. test measurements) can be visualised, operated and monitored without any programming effort being necessary. Operating and monitoring visualisations can be created by assembling and configuring ready-made elements.
All ProfiSignal 20 Go functions, including the different diagram types as well as analysis and export functions, are all included in ProfiSignal 20 Basic to complete the functionality of your ProfiSignal 20 Basic application.

ProfiSignal Web

ProfiSignal Web is state-of-the-art measurement technology software for “ IoT measurement and monitoring tasks”. Measurement data can now be acquired decentrally, stored centrally and viewed from anywhere using any type of user device. Accessing and analysing measurement data from Industrial IoT applications have become more flexible than ever before. Whether for mobile fault analysis, condition monitoring, environmental measurement technology, energy monitoring or the checking of ongoing testing processes.

• Location-independent access to measurement data and processes
• Mobile process visualisation and control via customisable dashboards
• Display in the browsers of any end device

Delphin Data Center

The Delphin Data Center is a centralised measurement data management system that networks, centrally stores, monitors and analyses the measurement data of systems, machines and test stands. The measurement data is archived in a valid and traceable way and is able to access it within seconds, whether on a network, via PC or mobile via smartphone or tablet.
With the Delphin Data Center, we offer a central measurement data management system to complete your tasks without the need for timeconsuming and costly programming. The Delphin Data Center is a high performing processor and provider of data while also being highly versatile.
Its open structure gives a simple way to standardise, archive and monitor measurement and process data: for applications in inspection, life cycle testing, the monitoring of systems and machines, locally and worldwide.

ProfiSignal Runtime

The ProfiSignal runtime licence contains only the runtime mode, which permits the running of projects but not their generation. Users have only the functions for which they have been licensed.Runtime versions contain all the ProfiSignal options available in the development versions.
• Clarity - runtime projects contain just one single file
• Manipulation proof - runtime projects can not be altered by users
• Multiple workstations - easy for users to reproduce their application
• Cost saving - inexpensive licensing of additional PCs
• No overheads - no development mode required

ProfiSignal Viewer

The ProfiSignal Viewer enables users to perform offline- analyses of data and reports that have been generated by ProfiSignal Go or Klicks. The Viewer is used to access acquired data.
It enables users to evaluate data acquired through ProfiSignal Go or Klicks. Users of the Viewer require only the Viewer software. Users wishing to acquire measurement data require either ProfiSignal Go or Klicks.
• Analysis and export of measurement data and reports
• A range of diagrams that include trends, characteristic curve, orbit and FFT
• Diagram functions such as cursor, export, marker, statistics, etc.
• Time stamped measurement data
• Display and processing of reports
• Conversion of reports into PDF format
• Read-only access to measurement data


Software  : ProfiSignal Web
Licences : Server purchase licences
Channels : ProfiSignal Web for installation on a single server for up to 50 channels per project and one client