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Condition Monitoring
An Innovative Wireless Sensor Technology to Overcome any Industrial Challenge

The benefits of BeanAir wireless sensor networks will push the limits of Condition Monitoring Systems:
• Lower your cabling costs
• Automate your production process
• Get a better knowledge about your equipment availability
• Optimize your machine stock maintenance costs
• Improve your equipment's energy efficiency
BeanAir® offers the ideal solution to your needs in terms of measurement and instrumentation to improve equipment energy efficiency and get better knowledge about equipment availability.
We offer an entirely packaged (end to end), standard wireless sensor network solution (IEEE 802.15.04 Wireless Technology). By offering a standard OPC server, our system is highly interoperable and easy to integrate within your IT system.
What will you gain by using BeanAir technology?
• Reduce the equipment installation and maintenance costs
• Eliminate cabling costs
• Improve the equipment life cycle thanks to predictive maintenance
• Have access to remote sites that are inaccessible to wired solutions
• Accelerate sensor installation on the equipment and improve the energy efficiency in the factory.  
A ready to use measurement chain
As well as a dozen of wireless measuring systems (vibration, analog tension measuring amplifier, low tension, contraint gauge, force, liquid/atmospheric pressure, slope, humidity...).
Application Case
Beyond all the advantages related to wireless technology, our products:
 are non intrusive;
 operate with 90% of the existing sensors;
 reduce your integration costs
 will lead you ahead by improving your productivity
Speed up the integration of wireless networks within your process
Choose full packaged Wireless Data Acquisition Platforms
• Wireless Data Acquisition System: (4-20mA current loop)  
• Wireless Transmission IEEE 802.15.4 with antenna diversity
• Integrated Sensor Power Supply, software configurable 4.5V to 20V
• Integrated Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
• Embedded Data Logger : up to 1.000.000 data acquisitions records
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The OPC server accelerates the integration of wireless technology within your information technology infrastructure
The BeanScape® Premium+ integrates an OPC DA server (Data Access). OPC DA is particularly well suited for real time measurement and data sharing. Each data/measurement can be associated to a tag or its attributes and shared with one or many OPC clients.
Therefore, the BeanScape® Premium+ opens up to many third party applications (SCADA, web portals etc..). The BeanScape® OPC is DA 2, DA 2.5 and DA 3 compliant and allows two different presentations. The first is a compact presentation of the sensor tree, presenting all the secondary attributes under the form of attributes. The second is an extended presentation of the sensor tree where each secondary attribute is presented by an OPC item/tag rather than an attribute.


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