Sensor systems for LED color and intensity tests

The colorCONTROL MFA is used for flexible color inspections and intensity testing of LEDs, displays and colored objects. The flexible positioning of the sensors in relation to the objects, as well as their high repeatability, measuring rates and dynamics are particularly favorable. One colorCONTROL MFA monitors up to 28 test objects simultaneously.

Controller selection

  Repeatability Measuring channels
colorCONTROL MFA-7 xy < ± 0.000025 7
colorCONTROL MFA-14 xy < ± 0.000025 14
colorCONTROL MFA-21 xy < ± 0.000025 21
colorCONTROL MFA-28 xy < ± 0.000025 28


Operating the colorSENSOR MFA controller requires sensors that are used on the measuring point. The sensors reliably detect small light spots from 3 mm and can be individually combined depending on the measurement task. The high-quality receiver sensors with plastic fiber optics are particularly characterized by their small installation dimensions. This enables highly accurate testing at different points for individually arranged test specimens. The sensor portfolio covers a wide range of working distances and spot sizes. Other versions in different lengths and temperature ranges are available as options.

Sensor selection

  Operating distance Minimum size of measuring object
colorCONTROL MFS-10 3 ... 11 mm Ø 4 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-I10 3 ... 11 mm Ø 4 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-22 3 ... 11 mm Ø 6 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-K04 3 ... 11 mm Ø 4 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-K04-3 3 ... 15 mm Ø 2.5 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-K04-6 3 ... 15 mm Ø 4.5 mm
colorCONTROL MFS-K05/90 3 ... 15 mm Ø 5 mm


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