What is BLUE?

BLUE is versatile software for more interactive manufacturing.

Product Features

Rich and expressive interfaces and intuitive operation

Anyone can instantly reach easily understandable information.

  • Responsive design shows easy-to-see and desired information.
  • Familiar smartphone like gestures for navigation and operation.
  • Just one step to show detailed information with the Zoom function.
  • Clearer fonts and parts make an obvious difference.
  • View all needed information at once. BLUE provides means to combine multiple screens to one.

Effective use of equipment information

With OPC-UA Server supported, you can transfer equipment information smoothly to a host database.

A wide variety of connection device drivers available

Numerous control devices around the world can be connected. Users can select a driver that meets their needs.

New design style reduces time for screen creation

The efficiency of the existing screen creation is improved. Diverting and customizing screens is easy.

  • Gesture screens can be easily created with Drag & Drop.
  • Using grid cell editing you can automatically adjust the object's size and location. Adjustment work of layout change is reduced.
  • Left Navigation is automatically generated. No need to place switches for screen change.


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