BLUE Features



High quality graphics

Clearer fonts and screen parts make an obvious difference. The clarity is not affected by zoom level BLUE_03_v2

Stylish design

Stylish expression including transparent effects ST6000 Refined_03

Simple & Easy

One source, multiple ways to present

Use themes to easily change color set according to a person, place or situation. ST6000 Simple  Easy_01

View all needed information at once

BLUE provides means to combine multiple screens to one ST6000 Simple  Easy_02

Responsive Behavior (Dock Panel)

Adapt the size of information to meet your needs with one click on the dynamic display. blue_feature_1_en

Easily identify patterns with highly flexible graph features

Using various features, including comparisons graphs, can be more expressive than ever before. 12v_new

Easy to set navigation

With the navigation feature, you don't need to create screen change switches.

Reduced time for layout changes

Use grid cell editing can automatically adjust the object's size and location during layout changes.

Easy-to-understand script

Block Script makes visual programming possible. script_new

Change the value of a variable without programming

Use a converter to change the value of a variable from the defined unit, range, scale, and expression without programming. Blue_04

Connected & Secured

Pro-face connectivity

User-friendly protocols allowing you to connect
your devices with ease via multiple interfaces
and connect OT to IT with OPC-UA server.
ST6000 blue_05

Secure remote access solution

"Pro-face Connect" is a ready-to-use solution for Remote Access Over Internet on ST6000 Series without programming or configuring each device.
Start using the cloud based "Pro-face Connect" Smart
Industry solution on your existing network without involving your IT department. No network or firewall configurations are required and still the highest level of security and encryption is in place from end to end, from any PC, tablet and smartphone to your machinery.
ST6000 Pro-face connect

Enhanced cybersecurity

Enhanced cybersecurity against basic intentional attacks

•Need admin rights to download project to HMI target
•Auto user log out after predefined idle time
•Doing security checking during booting
•Secure Ethernet download supported by IPSec and
password protected project file


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