Harmonic and Energy Saving Solutions

MIRUS International Inc. designs and develops world class power quality improvement products for mission critical operations. Our specialized product line includes highly efficient harmonic filters, transformers, autotransformers and Data Center power distribution equipment. Mirus’ solutions minimize disruption to the power supply, improve reliability and adhere to the strictest of regulatory requirements while also saving energy and reducing operating costs.  

Lineator Harmonic Filter Lineator HP Lineator ED

Lineator AUHF

Lineator HP

Lineator ED


Lineator ATL

Lineator 1Q3
Inversine - Advanced Universal Sine-wave Filter

Lineator ATL

Lineator 1Q3


GenLink ULLTRA Harmony™ Series Transformers



Harmony™ Series Transformers

Eliminator™ Series Drive™ Series Transformers HMPC - Onics™ Series

Eliminator™ Series

Drive™ Series Transformers

Onics™ Series

HMRP - Onics™ Series   SOLV™

Onics™ Series






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