Switch-Tek™ LV10 Vertical Buoyancy Level Switch





The general purpose buoyancy point level switch provides reliable liquid level detection of relatively clean water and chemical solutions with a 15VA reed switch output. Media examples include boric acid and ultrapure water. The baffle body eliminates level switch chatter caused by turbulence. The submersible polypropylene or PVDF liquid level sensor is mounted vertically inside the tank as a high level alarm or low level alarm.



 Baffle body and stabilized float dampen out switch chatter

 Submersible polypropylene or PVDF sensor and cable for corrosive liquids

 15VA dry contact selectable NO or NC state via wiring selection

 Compatible with Smart Trak and Switch-Pak installation fittings


Orientation: ± 20° vertical
Accuracy: ± 2mm in water
Repeatability: ± 1mm in water
Specific gravity: 0.8 minimum
Contact type: (1) SPDT reed
Contact rating: 15 VA, 0.25A maximum
Contact output: Selectable NO / NC
Process temp.: F: -40° to 176°
C: -40° to 80°
Pressure: 25 psi (2 bar) @ 25º
C, derated @ 1.667
psi (0.113 bar) per
ºC above 25º C
Sensor rating: NEMA 6 (IP68)
Sensor material: -13X1: PP
-53X1: PVDF
Cable jack. mat.: -13X1: PP
-53X1: PFA
Cable type: 3-conductor, shielded
Cable length: 10' (3m)
Process mount: 3/4" NPT (3/4" Rp)
Classification: General purpose
Compliance: CE







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