External USB Output Kit
FUTEK is among the first in the test and measurement industry to utilize USB Technology to simplify data retrieval and collection. With the introduction of a universal “plug and play” solution, measurement platforms are set up to gather more precise and effective results in a variety of applications.
USB Technology, within this industry, will soon set the precedent for speed and ease in data compilation. It eliminates the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters with a “plug and play” technology. The set up is quick and the cost is much lower than a traditional Sensor System.
The assembly and setup of a sensor platform has vastly improved with the introduction of USB. The traditional assembly of a sensor platform involved a sensor, an amplifier, a power supply, a data acquisition system and software, on occasion a filter, and then a PC to capture house the data. Though traditional platforms are suitable for most test-measurement applications, they carry a laundry list of “side effects” with them. Cost, space, noise, accuracy, convenience, and temperature co-efficiency all become variables within that traditional setup. What the industry needed was a fast data exchange solution that wouldn’t be phased by such “side effects.” And there lied the answer, a single unit solution – the USB module.


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