In industrial applications, it is not uncommon that it is necessary to detect the weight of very large objects. The solution needed in these cases is constituted by the weighing platforms, systems where the platform supports the object to be weighed and transmits its load to the cells below, that measure synchronously to provide the precise value. In this way, the weighing platforms work like huge scales, with all the precision and robustness required by their use and by the loads which have to manage. Of particular interest, for strength and resistance to damage, there are definitely the weighing platforms in stainless steel. The typical use of stainless steel weighing platforms is for those situations where the device must operate in particularly aggressive environments or in food and pharmaceutical fields.

  • PQ

    Range: 300 / 6.000 KG

  • PM

    Range: 300 / 3.000 KG

  • PMEI

    Range: 600 / 6.000 KG

  • PME

    Range: 600 / 6.000 KG

  • PQM

    Range: 300 / 3.000 KG




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