•  Long standoff distance from the measuring object
  •  Safe distance with critical measurements
  •  Small light spot enables measurements of small parts
  •  Fast and precise measurements


  •  Measuring ranges from 0.5 to 1000 mm
  •  Resolution from 0.03 μm
  •  Linearity from 1 μm
  •  Measuring rate up to 49 kHz


  •  Measurement can be affected by harsh environmental conditions (condensation, dust)
  •  Protection housing compensates for critical environments
 No penetration of the blue-violet laser beam due to short wavelength
 Stable & precise measurement results

 Patented for ME BL laser sensors: measurement tasks on red-hot glowing metals exceeding 700 °C and on transparent objects such as plastics, adhesives and glass

 Patented for ME BL laser sensors: measurement tasks on red-hot glowing metals exceeding 700 °C and on transparent objects such as plastics, adhesives and glass


optoNCDT Laser Triangulation Sensors


Precise distance measurements on rough and structured surfaces

Rough and structured surfaces cause interferences within the laser point (left) which leads to a faulty projection on the sensor element. This effect becomes particularly obvious with metallic surfaces. The small laser line of the optoNCDT LL sensors compensates for this effect (right) and enables stable measurements on metallic surfaces.


Precise and stable measurements on metallic surfaces

Laser-line sensors for reliable measurements on metallic surfaces

The optoNCDT LL sensors operate with a small laser line. The laser line and special software algorithms compensate for disturbances caused by surface roughness, defects, indentations or minute holes on metallic surfaces. This is how optoNCDT LL sensors achieve the highest precision with measurement tasks involving metals.


Precise distance measurements on reflecting surfaces

Requires special sensor alignment for reflecting surfaces:
angle of incidence = angle of reflection




Specially aligned DR sensors from Micro-Epsilon provide high accuracy and signal stability on directly reflecting surfaces







Multiple measuring ranges for versatile measurement tasks

  •  >85 sensor variants with measuring ranges from 2 - 1000 mm
  •  Covers a larger number of applications in many industries



Long-range sensors for measurements from a safe distance

  •  Long-range sensors: Large measuring range & offset distance
  •  Measurements with high accuracy from a safe distance



Unique ease of use

  •  Intuitive operation via web interface
  •  Diverse options for processing values and signals, e.g., filters, peak selection



The quality slider enables the user to define the signal evaluation regarding process and measurement dynamics. Depending on the selected settings, the measuring rate and the averaging of the sensor are adapted.    

Wiith the pre-sets, predefined sensor settings for specific measuring objects can be quickly and easily adopted.


e.g., metal, ceramics,...

e.g., circuit boards, PCB,...

e.g., milk glass, plastics,....


Ultra-small light spot detects finest details and structures

  •  High spatial resolution for detection of smallest objects
  •  Sensors with measurement spot from 23 µm

Certified precision

Calibration certificate of all supplied sensors confirms the achieved performance









High precision with changing surfaces

optoNCDT sensors are equipped with intelligent control features which ensure high signal stability with bright/dark transition, regardless of the color and the brightness of the measuring object. This optimally adjusts the exposure time or the amount of light for the exposure cycle just performed or the next exposure cycle. These controls enable smooth signal courses without outliers even in dynamic measurements.



Stable control regardless of color & brightness

  •  Real-Time-Surface-Compensation
  •  Measuring the degree of reflection during exposure and control in real-time

The Active Surface Compensation provides stable distance signal control regardless of target color or brightness.


The Advanced Surface Compensation feature operates with new algorithms and enables stable measurement results even on demanding surfaces.


The real time surface compensation feature compensates for changing reflectance properties in the current measurement cycle. Each individual laser pulse is controlled in real time depending on the surface properties of the measuring object.


The Advanced Real Time Surface Compensation with its improved dynamic range enables a more precise real time surface compensation. This ensures maximum compensation of fluctuating reflectivity while generating stable measurement values with high accuracy.


Low costlaser displacement sensor for automation

optoNCDT 1220


 Measuring ranges  10 | 25 | 50 mm

 Linearity   from 10 µm

 Repeatability   from 1.0 µm

 Measuring rate  1 kHz


Compact laser triangulation displacement sensor with integrated controller

optoNCDT 1320


 Measuring ranges   10 | 25 | 50 | 100 mm

 Linearity   from 10 µm

 Repeatability   from 1 µm

 Measuring rate  2 kHz


Smart laser triangulation sensor with integrated controller

optoNCDT 1420


 Measuring ranges  10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 500 mm

 Linearity   from 8 µm

 Repeatability   from 0.5 µm

 Measuring rate  4 kHz


High precision laser displacement sensor for advanced automation

optoNCDT 1900


 Measuring ranges  2 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 500 mm

 Linearity   from 1 µm

 Repeatability   from 0.4 µm

 Adjustable measuring rate  up to 10 kHz


Sensor for precise thickness measurement



 Measuring ranges  10 | 25 mm

 Measuring width  200 mm // 400 mm

 Linearity   from 10 μm

 Working gap  46 mm

 Measuring rate  4 kHz


BLUE LASER Triangulation Displacement Sensor

optoNCDT 1750BL


 Measuring ranges  20 / 200 / 500 / 750 mm

 Linearity   from 12 µm

 Repeatability   0.8 µm

 Measuring rate  7.5 kHz


Highly dynamic laser sensor in 50 kHz class

optoNCDT 2300


 Measuring ranges  2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 mm

 Linearity   from 0.6 %

 Resolution   from 0.03 µm %

 Measuring rate  up to 49 kHz


High precision laser displacement sensor with direct reflective

optoNCDT 2300-2DR


 Measuring ranges  2 mm

 Linearity   0.6 µm

 Measuring rate  49 kHz


Laser sensors for long stands off distances

optoNCDT 1710-50


 Measuring range   50 mm

 Offset distance   550 mm

 Sensor with integrated controller


Laser sensors for long stands off distances

optoNCDT 1710-1000


 Sensor with integrated controller
 Measuring range 1000 mm


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