Orbit® ACS (Automation and Control Systems)                                              Ordering Guide


Orbit ACS (Automation and Control Systems) are stand alone digital modules built to output to a PLC or other automation device, Choose from 1,2 or 4 channel devices. Orbit ACS comes with a probe, integral screen, and PLC Modbus output. It works independently providing a total in process measurement solution.


Orbit® ACS

  •  Standalone unit
  •  Full colour display provides analogue and digital reading
  •  Modbus communications or Solartron Serial outputs
  •  Discrete I/O
  •  High accuracy
  •  Available with large number of integral tranducers
  •  Din rail mounting
  •  Mathematical functions

SI100                                                                                                                     Technical Spec

  •  Single channel stand-alone unit for quick measurement and PLC output

SI200                                                                                                                     Technical Spec

  •  Add a second Orbit® digital probe to the SI200 unit will form a dual channels system

SI400                                                                                                                     Technical Spec

  •  Add three Orbit® digital probes to the SI400 unit will form a four channels system




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