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Orbit GCS                                                                                                              Technical Spec


Orbit GCS is an advanced gauging software built for the Orbit Network. It can be used to monitor inline and post process manufacturing dimensions and record measurement data.



Gauging Computer Software (GCS)
  •  Flexible and easy to use. Online training videos available
  •  Simple installation onto any Windows 10 Computer
  •  Interface up to 150 Orbit® Digital Sensors, which includes specialist transducers like Block Gauges, Flexures, Mini Probes, Laser, and Linear Encoder
  •  Data from Solartron’s Wireless Hand Tools can be drawn via the Wireless Communication Module (WCM)
  •  GCS will interface with 3rd party sensors via the Encoder Input Module, Analogue Input Module, Air Gauge Module, and others
  •  Logic functions with control of Input and Outputs via Solartron Digital Input Output Modules (DIOMs)
  •  Log Data to Microsoft Excel ® formatted files for further processing
  •  Upgrade options for Complex Math Formulas, Mastering, Statistical Process Control (SPC), as well as custom Diagrams and Charts

Excel Add In                                                                                                          Technical Spec


The Excel Add-In is a free, downloadable software pack that can be used to output Orbit readings into a spreadsheet.


Excel Add In Software Pack
  •  Simple installation onto any Windows 10 Computer with minimum Excel 2007
  •  Runs with USB, RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP and Wireless Interfaces
  •  Functions with all Solartron Digital Sensors
  •  Pull in Wi Gauge readings via the Wireless Connection Module
  •  Functions with Digital Input Output Module, Analog Interface Module and more
  •  Programming Examples included
  •  Online training videos are available

Orbit Gauge                                                                                                           Technical Spec

Air Gauge Module  
Air Gauge to Orbit
  •  Interfaces to most Air Gauge spindles, mandrels or bore heads
  •  High stability Air to Orbit Converter
  •  Resolution better than 0.1 µm
  •  Pressure 30 psi
  •  Simple set up and Mastering using Orbit or integral screen

Orbit® PC Interface Module

PLC Gateways


USB                                                                                                                        Technical Spec

USB controller
  •  Rugged plastic housing
  •  Connect up to 4 sensors or modules
  •  DIN rail mounting for easy installation
  •  User friendly

Ethernet                                                                    Technical Spec      ETHIM20      PSIMLite

Ethernet ETHIM  
Ethernet ETHIM
  •  Connect up to 200 Orbit Modules
  •  Dynamic Capability 3906 readings per module per second
  •  Connect over networks and long distances
  •  No issues with Ethernet connection

Wireless Interface Module                                                                                  Technical Spec

WIM   Wireless Interface Module

RS232                                                                                                                   Technical Spec

RS232   RS232

Orbit® Support Pack                                                   Orbit3 Support Pack for Windows Installer

Orbit® Support  
Orbit® Support Pack
  •  Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP 64 bit and 32 bit Compatible
  •  Managed Code based on Microsoft .NET Framework
  •  Orbit® Library Tester contains source code for all Orbit® commands which may be used by customers to develop own applications
  •  Language specific programming examples
  •  Orbit3 support hot swap - Allows compatible models to be changed without the need to reconfigure the computer
  •  C#, C++, COM and Excel COM code example available


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