Optical precision micrometer with high resolution

Optical micrometers from Micro-Epsilon operate according to the transmitted light principle (ThruBeam micrometer). The transmitter produces a parallel light curtain that is transmitted via a lens arrangement into the receiver unit. The beam is interrupted if an object is in the light path. The resulting shadow is detected by the receiving optics and output as measurement value. Most optical micrometers are used for dimensional measurements in production, machine monitoring and quality assurance. Parameters such as diameter, gap, height and position are detected with high accuracy.


What is the measuring principle of optoCONTROL?

optoCONTROL is a measurement system with an integral high resolution line-scan camera for the measurement of geometrical quantities.

The light source illuminates the target from the rear.

In the receiver there is a telecentric objective lens which provides an image of the same size in the so-called telecentric range, producing constant accuracy.

The advantages of the telecentric lens lie in free positioning of the target within a large range (± 5 mm) and the relatively high tolerance to contamination and extraneous light.

The line scan camera in the receiver measures the projected outer contour of the target with high accuracy.



  •  High accuracy and measuring rate
  •  Resolution from 0.1 µm
  •  Measuring objects from 0.02 mm (from a partial shading of 300 µm)
  •  Wear-free measurement for longevity
  •  Different models for numerous fields of application

Wear-free and durable design for reliable measurements

All optoCONTROL laser micrometers operate without rotating mirrors and are therefore completely wear-free. The parallel light curtain is created by special optics in the light source. High quality components in the receiving optics, e.g. filters and lenses, enable the high accuracy of the micrometers. This is why optoCONTROLmicrometers are particularly suitable for areas where high precision and reliability are required.


Versatile in application

Laser micrometers are primarily used as part of the manufacturing process and quality monitoring in the production line, measuring continuous material, as well as single parts. The compact models of the optoCONTROL family are suitable for applications in production lines, as well as for integration in machines and automated production systems. The high measuring rates ensure a high and continuous cycle rate in the production process.




Optical measurement of pulleys


Micrometer for thickness measurement of films and rubber strip


Measuring system for detection of X/Y position in the sewing machine needle


Measuring system for detection of X/Y position in the sewing machine needle



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