Switch-Tek™ LO10 Optic Leak Detection Switch




The general purpose optic leak switch provides reliable leak detection in and around secondary containment sumps, tanks and piping systems with a 1A relay output. Media examples include sulfuric acid, water and diesel. The submersible polypropylene or PFA liquid leak detection sensor is mounted through the wall or within the interstitial space.


 Submersible polypropylene or PFA Teflon® sensor and cable for corrosive liquids

 60VA relay selectable NO or NC via power supply wiring polarity

 Fail-safe leak sensor inverts wet to alert user for maintenance


Orientation: Universal
Accuracy: ± 1mm in water
Repeatibility: ± 0.5mm in water
Supply voltage: 12-36 VDC
Consumption: 25 mA maximum
Contact type: (1) SPST relay
Contact rating: 60 VA, 1A maximum
Contact output: Selectable NO / NC
Process temp.: F: -40° to 176°
C: -40° to 80°
Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar) @ 25º
C, derated @ 1.667
psi (0.113 bar) per ºC
above 25º C
Sensor rating: NEMA 6 (IP68)
Sensor material: -1XX5: PP
-2XX5: PFA
Cable jack. mat.: -1XX5: PP
-2XX5: PFA
Cable type: 4-conductor, shielded
Cable length: 10' (3m)
Process mount: 3/4" NPT (3/4” G)
Mount. gasket: Viton®
Classification: General purpose
Compliance: CE


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