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SI3000 Readout


Specially designed to work with Solartron Transducers, the SI3100 provides the user with 1-2 channel solutions for small systems. The readout has an intuitive menu systems for ease of set up and can be programmed to display readings, alarms, limits and other metrology functions. With discrete I/O and serial interfaces these readouts provide a neat interface to other systems like PLC’s.

Inductive Transducer Readouts si3100  
SI3100 - Features
  •  Intuitive menu
  •  2 LVDT inputs
  •  Mathematical functions
  •  Auto Colour Change for in /out limit range
  •  RS232 Connectivity
  •  Discrete I/O

Compass SC1 & SCD1 - NEW "All-in-One" Signal Conditioner                       Datasheet


Solartron’s new signal conditioner accepts any standard LVDT or Half bridge analogue probes with 5 Pin DIN connectors. The single channel conditioner includes a DC output, I/O connection, and a USB port, and can output to PC or PLC.

Displays & ReadoutsDisplays & Readouts

Key Features:

  •  Single input channel with or without display. Display has six digit resolution.
  •  With display: SCD1
  •  Without display: SC1
  •  Connects any LVDT or Half Bridge probe
  •  Accepts Marposs and Tesa Spec’d inputs
  •  Output via +/- 10 VDC, 0-10VDC, Modbus, or via USB into Orbit GCS software
  •  +10 to – 10V digital limit I/O option
  •  Easy setup to Windows PC via USB plug
  •  Status LEDs on casing are configurable by software
  •  DIN Rail Mount
  •  Comes with a FREE calibration software pack. Includes calibration with sensitivity, analogue output, as well as Modbus settings



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