Powerful optoCONTROL CLS1000 controller for industrial applications

  •  CLS1000-QN with antiviolence function (normally open/normally closed)
  •  CLS1000-2Q with two switching outputs
  •  CLS1000-OC with optocoupler
  •  CLS1000-AU with voltage output
  •  CLS1000-AI with current output

Each model is available in NPN, PNP or push-pull versions.

All controllers are available with or without triggers.


Robust fiber optic CFS sensors for industrial applications

Operating the optoCONTROL CLS1000 controllers requires sensors that are used on the measuring point. Depending on the measurement task, the sensors can be individually combined. The high-quality sensors with fiber optics are characterized by small installation dimensions and robust materials. This makes them particularly suitable for mechanical stress and harsh ambient conditions such as high temperatures. The sensor can also be used in restricted areas as the sensor head requires a minimum of installation space.


OLED display for fast and easy configuration

Commissioning is performed directly via the controller or via external teach-in. All programming steps, status displays as well as the set and actual values are visualized via two 4-digit digital displays.


Different sensor variants for different operating modes

Reflex mode (one-way system)   Reflex mode V-arrangement (two-way system)   Transmission mode (two-way system)


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