3D sensors for geometry and surface inspections

surfaceCONTROL sensors enable high resolution surface scans in order to detect defects or form deviations with high accuracy.


What is the measuring principle of surfaceCONTROL 3D scanner?


surfaceCONTROL3D 35x0 is a sensor for non-contact and non-destructiveoptical and

three-dimensional detection of components with diffuse reflective surfaces. It operates

according to the optical triangulation principle (fringe projection):

  •  Using a matrix projector, a sequence of patterns is projected onto the test object
  •    surface
  •  The light of the patterns diffusely reflected by the test object surface is recorded by
  •    two cameras
  •  The three-dimensional surface of the test object is then calculated from the recorded
  •    image sequence and the arrangement of the two cameras to each other:
  •         Cameras
  •         Projection unit
  •         Fringe light


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