What is the functional priciple of optoNCDT ILR2250?

The optoNCDT ILR2250 is a laser distance measuring device that precisely measures distances in the range of 0.05 m to 150 m without contact. The measurement target can be clearly identified by the red laser measuring point. The maximum range depends on the reflectivity and surface properties of the target.


The device works on the basis of phase comparison measurement. High-frequency modulated laser light is emitted in the process. The light diffusely reflected and phase-shifted by the measuring object is compared with the reference signal. The magnitude of the phase displacement makes it possible to determine the distance to the nearest millimetre.




The distance measurement can be started in various ways:

  •  A command can be sent by a PC or another control unit via a serial RS422 interface
  •  External triggering
  •  Using the autostart function

What is the measuring principle of optoNCDT ILR2250?

Light in the visible wavelength range is modulated with suitably chosen frequencies such that the exact distance can be derived from the multiple of the relevant modulation wavelength contained in the distance to be measured and from the size of the remaining interval. The remaining interval is measured using analogue phase comparison methods. Several modulation waves are used to determine the distance. 


Evaluation of the phase displacement for determining the distance





SMR - Start of measuring range, minimum distance between sensor and target

EMR - End of measuring range (start of measuring range + measuring range), maximum distance between sensor and target

MR    - Measuring range



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