Expert Key devices are available in five models each with two version types. The Expert Key type 100 is equipped with a good range of analog and digital inputs and outputs and is therefore highly suited for use within test engineering. The Expert Key type 200 has 28 universal inputs and is intended more for analog measurement data.

Expert Key models and versions

  • Expert Key L – the pop-up, table-top model
  • Expert Key P – the laboratory model with 4mm plugs
  • Expert Key C – for fixed installations in cabinets
  • Expert Key M – the sturdy mobile case
  • Expert Key T – console housing for laboratories and test bench

All models are equipped with USB and Ethernet interfaces.


Expert Key L – for the lab and servicing applications

The Expert Key 100L and 200L are designed for table-topand wall-mounted usage. The mounting brackets s are included in delivery. Pressing the detachable lid gives a clear overview of connections. Sensors and actuators are connected via plugs located on the side.

Because of its universal capability, the L-model is ideallysuited to laboratory and servicing applications as well as to test and trial systems.


Expert Key P – for testing and trial procedures

Expert Key 100P and 200P have console housings and plug connections for use in testing, trial, and laboratory applications. All signals are connected via 4 mm safety lab plugs. Data can be transferred to a PC via USB or LAN. RTD sensors, voltage or current signals can be connected directly to any analog input.

The ProfiSignal software enables lab automation complying to FDA21CFRPart11.



Expert Key C – for fixed cabinet installations

The Expert Key 100C and 200C are identical to the L models except for their housings. The housing design enables the devices to be used in cabinets or, 19” racks.

For OEM solutions, Expert Key can also be supplied without housings.



Expert Key M – for mobile applications in tough environments

The Expert Key 100M and 200M are durable measurement data acquisition systems for use in demanding environments. They function from within robust cases with measuring cables being fed through brush strips on the case's lid. Signals can be connected via 4 mm safety lab plugs or any other type of plug or connector.

Standard systems are available as well as customized systems tailored to user requirements.


Expert Key T - multi-channel temperature measurement

The new devices, designed for multi-channel temperature measurement but also suited to temperature measurement and combined high-speed signal acquisition.

The compact Expert Key T devices have console-type housings. They are intended for use in laboratories and test stands as tabletop or wall-mounted devices. The analog and digital inputs and outputs are easy to access and signals and actuators are quick to connect requiring no tools.



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