How does it work?

The SGW1-IA3-MMP, is a multifunction device that allows to perform the following functions:
1) Modbus Port Multiplexing (Masters and Slaves)
2) Conversion of Modbus ASCII data to Modbus RTU, with different Baud Rates and with RS232 or RS485 ports 
3) Exchange of Registers between Modbus Masters, by means of an exchange memory


  •  Up to 3 ports to connect Masters
  •  Up to 3 ports to connect Slaves
  •  No need of registers tables
  •  DIN Rail mounting
  •  Wide range power supply, 10 to 30 Vdc
  •  Easy configuration
  •  Industrial pluggable terminal blocks
  •  USB Configuration


SGW1-4B0-00-IA3-MMP 4 RS232/RS485 ports configurables
SGW1-13B0-00-IA3-MMP-CF 1 configurable RS232 with RTS for radio control + 3 RS232/RS485 ports configurables


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