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Solartron Metrology is a world leader in the innovation and manufacture of precision digital and analogue dimensional gauging probes, displacement transducers, optical linear encoders and associated instrumentation. In the lab, on the shop floor or in the field, Solartron Metrology products provide precise linear measurements for quality control, test and measurement and machine control, in for example, the automotiveelectronics,aerospace, materials, optics and semiconductor industries... anywhere, in fact where accuracy and consistency are critical to the process.

Orbit® 3 - Orbit® Digital Measurement Network
Orbit® 3 Gauging and Positioning Network is a modern Digital alternative to conventional Analogue LVDT based systems.
New Products
New range of products from Solartron Metrology.
Orbit® ACS - Standalone
Stand-alone systems with integrated Readouts and Modbus or RS485/232 output.
Orbit® ACS - PLC Network Architecture
Built a full in process measurement systems with integrated automation protocol, Modbus RTU, Profinet and Ethernet/IP.
Gauging Probes Solution
Customized sensor solutions can be designed and produced when there is not an exact fit in our standard product range.
Non-contact Lasers enable measurement and testing systems to be as complex as necessary.
Displacement Transducers LVDT
Our LVDT Displacement Transducers are very rugged and reliable sensors suitable for a variety of applications.
Display Instruments 
Digital Displays for analogue & digital sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications.
The WiGauge™ Wireless Bore Gauge offers increased efficiency, flexibility and uncompromised accuracy in the palm of your hand.
Signal Conditioning Electronics 
Solartron has used its experience to produce signal conditioning, numerical displays and controllers that enhance the performance of its analogue transducers.
Probe Tips
Probe tips come in a vary of different forms for are sensors. All shapes and sizes to meet your expectations and needs.
Custom Sensor Engineering
Solartron has complete in-house control over all aspects of the design and manufacture of their extensive range of products.


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