Gauging Computer Software GCS

Orbit GCS is an advanced gauging tool supplied as a downloadable software pack from the Solartron website. In conjunction with the Orbit® Measurement Network, it can be used to monitor inline and post process manufacturing dimensions and record measurement data.  It now includes Diagram and Charting capabilities in which pictures or graphics can be imported and displayed on screen. 

Gauging Computer Software (GCS)
  •  Flexible and easy to use. Online training videos available
  •  Simple installation onto any Windows 10 Computer
  •  Interface up to 150 Orbit® Digital Sensors, which includes specialist transducers like Block Gauges, Flexures, Mini Probes, Laser, and Linear Encoder
  •  Data from Solartron’s Wireless Hand Tools can be drawn via the Wireless Communication Module (WCM)
  •  GCS will interface with 3rd party sensors via the Encoder Input Module, Analogue Input Module, Air Gauge Module, and others
  •  Logic functions with control of Input and Outputs via Solartron Digital Input Output Modules (DIOMs)
  •  Log Data to Microsoft Excel ® formatted files for further processing
  •  Upgrade options for Complex Math Formulas, Mastering, Statistical Process Control (SPC), as well as custom Diagrams and Charts

Gauging Computer Software Versions

Free Unregistered Version
  •  5 Orbit Modules
  •  1 Part/Project
  •  1 Orbit Network
  •  Basic Fixed Formula
Free Registered Version
  •  Logging
  •  150 Modules
Upgrade Package 1
  •  Advanced Maths
  •  20 Orbit Networks
  •  1000 Parts/Projects
  •  Batch Mode

Upgrade Package 2

Upgrade Package 3

Upgrade Package 4




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