What is the measuring principle of Thermal Imager?                                  Basics of non contact temperature measurement

TIM thermal imaging cameras are designed for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures from -20 °C to 1900 °C. They enable efficient monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes both with low temperatures (e.g. in cooling chains) and with very high temperatures (e.g. in glass and metal processing). Their high thermal sensitivity makes these infrared cameras ideally suitable for precise and dynamic tasks. Different performance classes enable a suitable model to be selected for every application. The camera is connected via a USB interface, which also supplies the power.


The thermoIMAGERTIM calculates the surface temperature based on the emitted infrared energy of objects. The two-dimensional detector (FPA - focal plain array) allows a measurement of an area and will be shown as thermographic image using standardized palettes. The radiometric processing of the picture data enables the user to do a comfortable detailed analysis with the software TIM Connect software.



  •  Temperature range from -20 °C to 1900 °C
  •  Long-life operation due to non-contact and wear-free measurement
  •  Ideal for OEM applications
  •  Real-time thermography with license-free software
  •  Compact design including USB port / optional Gigabit Ethernet

Easy process integration

Advanced interface concepts enable the integration of the

infrared cameras into networks and automated systems:

  •  USB cable extension up to 100 m via Ethernet or up to 10 km via
  •    glass fiber
  •  Process interface (PIF) as analog input/output (0/4-20 mA) and
  •    digital output (potential-free relay output)
  •  Software interface via Dynamic-Link-Library (SDK) and COM port

Extremely lightweight, robust and compact

thermoIMAGER cameras close the gap between portable infrared snapshot cameras and devices for stationary use. Their lightweight and compact design makes them ideally suitable for mobile and stationary applications.








License-free software

The TIM Connect real-time software is an extremely powerful thermography software that is delivered with each infrared camera. This software enables parameter set-up of the camera and automatic process and quality control. Individual alarm thresholds can be set depending on the respective process. The free software included is compatible with Windows 7 and 10.










Large temperature measuring range

Thermal imaging cameras from Micro-Epsilon are suitable for use across a wide measuring range from -20 °C to 1900 °C - from low temperatures prevalent in cooling chains or laboratories, to the highest temperatures in metal processing applications.













Temperature monitoring of drive batteries during handling and transport   Temperature monitoring in the production of insulation materials   Automatic temperature and ventilation control   Automatic inspection of jammed brakes


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