4-20 mA + HART protocol


  T72             T72              Submersible electronic level transmitters with 4 ÷ 20 mA output and HART® for hydrostatic pressure sensing
  T76             T76              SMART electronic transmitters reduced size with 4÷20mA output and HART output
   T7I              T7I                SMART electronic transmitters with 4÷20 mA output and HART® protocol. Sensors are calibrated with their own seal. Configurations and adjustments can be made locally, by means of push buttons and display, or remotely using HART® communication protocol
   T7L             T7L                Electronic SMART HART® or analog float reed level transmitters
KRG              KRG                Radar level transmitters with 26GHz microwaves
T7W            T7W            Concentration of water in oil, 4~20mA output and HART®
4-20 mA


   ASL            ASL              Ultrasonic level switches ASL400, with current or relay output
 BMS               BMS              Level detection using hydrostatic pressure bubbling system, output 4~20mA output
18I                18I              ø18mm hydrostatic pressure level transmitter, 4~20mA output
27I               27I              Submersible electronic level transmitters suitable for the measuring of liquids’ level in ballast or fuel
    27L             27L              Float Level Transmitter (4`20mA output) with temperature output option
  LSG              LSG              Float level switches


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