LSG-02 is a float level switch designed for detecting bilge liquid level and for control the level of oily and salty waters in marine and industrial fields. Typical applications are high and overfilling protection, water presence detection, high and low alarm level of liquids with or without foam. Inside the float is placed a toroidal magnet which drives, without contact, a switch located inside the guide pipe. The switch is equipped with integral test lever that conforms to class rules without complicating installation. Switch replacement can be done without the need of any recalibration.



  •  Type of contact: simple contact ON/OFF
  •  Repeatability: < 1cm
  •  Isolation > 1GOhm at 500Vac
  •  Process temperature: -20÷+85°C (with glass reed relay optional -40÷+130°C)
  •  Protection rating: IP68
  •  Float Specific Gravity: > 0,63 Kg/l
  •  Max Pressure: 20 bar
  •  Material: St AISI316 float, cage and mounting bracket
  •  Cable: resistant to salty water, paint traces, diluents. With fuel oil or diesel oil RILSAN protection on cable is advised.
  •  Junction Box: optional.
  •  Test: Manual by means of integral lever.
  •  CE marking.

Level On-Off

Measure Principle

Reed Switch

Measuring Range

Not Applicable

Process Temperature

Standard: -20 ÷ +85°C
Glass Reed Relay: -40 ÷ +130°C

Accuracy Class

Not Applicable



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