27L series includes Float Reed level transmitters. Inside the float is placed a toroidal magnet which drives, without contact, Reed contacts located inside the guide pipe.

Moving along the guide pipe the float changes the reed contact status. These variations are then acquired by the electronic board and converted into a current signal.

This system enable a continuous level measurement (output 4 ÷ 20 mA) with high repeatability and linear level indication independently from tank shape, or allows to realize on-off controls by using two floats (output On – Off 5 ÷ 15 mA).

Reed chain replacement can be done without dismantling the transmitter from the process and doesn’t need any recalibration.

As option it is possible a PT100 installation in order to get the local temperature of the fluid.


  •  27L series transmitters are used in marine and industry for level detection of liquids tanks.
    The measurement is not affected by parameters such as conductivity, pressure, temperature, viscosity, tank shape, etc.

Level Continuous

Measure Principle

Reed Switch

Measuring Range

Starting from 0 ÷ 0.5 m

Process Connection

1 1/2″ G-M
2″ G – M
DN 2″ Flange
DN 80 Flange

Process Temperature

Standard: -40 ÷ +85°C
Finned body: -40 ÷ +130°C

Accuracy Class

< ± 5 mm



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