Instruments for Analogue & Orbit® Sensors


    Digital Displays for analogue & digital sensors are available in a wide range allowing for simple to complex applications. All displays feature serial communication and digital I/O to allow PLC, PC and footswitches to operate the instruments.


    Orbit Digital Display Instrument

    SI1500  SI3500  SI5500  SI7500 

    Value range single channel

    Serial, analogue and digital         outputs

    Fully programmable via               RS232

    Dual channel color

    Serial, analogue and digital         outputs

    Data logging feature

    Color display LCD Screen

    0.01µm  display resolution

    RS232 connectivity

    32 channel readout

    Measurement computer is         16ch

    Extensive part and math             functions

    USB , parallel, RS232 and          relay interface


    Analogue Display Instrument

    SI1100  SI3100 / SI3300 

    Single channel LVDT, V/I inputs

    Serial, analogue and digital outputs

    Fully programmable via RS232

    Dual channel TFT display

    Serial, analogue and digital outputs

    LVDT, half bridge, V/I inputs.