Drive™ Series Transformers

Drive™ Series Transformers

Phase shifting isolation transformers and autotransformers designed to produce cancellation of the characteristic harmonics of 3-phase rectifiers to produce effective 12-pulse 18-pulse, and 24 pulse schemes.

Drive Tamers™

Designed to replace standard drive isolation transformers, the Drive Tamer™ is built to not only withstand the harsh harmonic environment produced by Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), but to also induce cancellation of harmonics upstream and thereby reduce voltage distortion throughout the distribution system.

By alternating 0° phase shifting models with 30° models, 5th and 7th harmonics are cancelled upstream. Where 3 loads are being serviced +20° , 0° , -20° models can reduce 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th harmonics, thereby dramatically reducing the voltage distortion these harmonics produce.

Drive 12/24™, Drive 18™ & Drive 24™

Multiple output auto or isolation transformers ideally suited for reduction of harmonics generated by VFDs or other 3-phase rectifier loads.

Drive 12/24™ produces a 12 pulse scheme (cancellation of 5th and 7th) when servicing two 6 pulse drives. A 24 pulse scheme is produced upstream (cancellation up to 23rd harmonic) when multiple Drive 12/24™ are used. Drive 18™ are used when servicing three 6 pulse drives to produce an 18 pulse scheme. The Drive 24™ will produce a 24 pulse scheme when servicing 4 drives. Each of these configurations will substantially reduce voltage distortion on the distribution system.



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