HMPC - Onics™ Series

Onics™ Series

Harmonic Mitigating Power Center (HMPC)

The Onics HMPC is an outstanding power distribution unit ideal for the raised floor environment. It incorporates MIRUS' patented and proven Harmonic Mitigating Transformer (HMT) technology.

Taking the HARM out of HARMONICS has never been easier

At the heart of the ONICS™ HMPC is MIRUS’ proven high efficiency and harmonic mitigating transformer (HMT) technology. The unique secondary winding configuration of the Harmony-2E™ minimizes output voltage distortion and flat-topping by cancelling 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th harmonic fluxes, preventing these harmonic currents from appearing in the primary winding. Consequently, voltage distortion will be within IEEE Std 519 limits despite the application of substantial harmonic loads.


The new ULLTRA™ ultra high efficiency transformer option meets NEMA Premium (CSL-3) efficiency levels not only at light loads, but over a much wider load range, ensuring energy savings in your ‘Green’ Data Center regardless of loading. Another trend in ‘Green’ Data Center design is to use 415/240V distribution. MIRUS offers a unique and patent pending autotransformer configuration for voltage transformation from 480 - 415/240V. This allows for standard 480V distribution to the HMPC. The Harmonic Filter and autotransformer are combined into one magnetic package to save space and significantly reduce losses.

The HMPC integrates harmonic mitigation with noise suppression, electronic grade grounding, non-linear load distribution panels, TVSS, monitoring and alarms for a complete power quality package.


Isolation Transformer Option:

High transformer efficiencies maintained over a wide load range, not just at light load levels

Harmonic Mitigating Transformer (HMT) options include patented Harmony-2E which treats all four major current harmonics (3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th) by     flux cancellation within secondary windings

All HMT transformers prevent triplens from circulating in the primary windings

Dual electrostatic shield for noise suppression

Harmonic losses lowered both within transformer and in upstream distribution

Autotransformer Option:

Unique and patent pending autotransformer configuration provides significant energy savings in 415V Data Center applications. Allows for the use    of standard 480V UPS systems

Only autotransformer suitable for 3-wire In / 4-wire Out but requires local electrical authority approval. No special approval required for 4-wire In / 4-     wire Out applications

Built-in harmonic mitigation treats all four major harmonics (3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th)

Smaller footprint and significantly lower losses than isolation transformers

HMRP - Onics™ Series

Onics™ Series

Onics Harmonic Mitigating Remote Panelboard (HMRP)

Up to 4 Circuit Breaker panelboards with built-in passive harmonic filtering.

Eliminates the need for K-rated transformers and double ampacity neutrals. Ideal for broadcasting, telecommunications, data processing, call centers and all office environments with personal computers. Easily installed in either raised or solid floor applications.

The ONICS™ Harmonic Mitigating Remote Panelboard (HMRP) integrates MIRUS' patented and proven harmonic mitigating technology with two 42-circuit or 30-circuit distribution panelboards, optional monitoring and TVSS in an attractive, easy to install package. ONICS™ treats all four of the major current harmonics created by single-phase, switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) by diverting the triplen (3rd and 9th) harmonics from the neutral and by cancelling the 5th and 7th harmonics through phase-shifting. Overheating of distribution transformers and their neutral conductors is no longer a problem. Voltage distortion is kept well within IEEE Std 519 limits, thereby increasing the reliability of the connected equipment. Operating costs are reduced because harmonic induced losses in the power distribution system are lowered by the ONICS™ HMRP.


Built-in harmonic mitigation treats all four major harmonics (3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th)

Eliminates need for double neutrals and reduces neutral-to-ground voltage

Lowers operating costs by reducing losses and eliminating the need for K-rated transformers

Diverts up to 90% of the neutral current leaving the panelboards

Reduces harmonic induced ground currents



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