Dissimilar Pitch Neutral Limiter

GENLINK DPNL is a multiple winding reactor that, when installed in the common neutral
of paralleled sources either between the dissimilar generators or the generator and the
utility supply, can greatly reduce the neutral circulating currents that result from the
instantaneous voltage differences. These neutral circulating currents, which are
predominantly triple frequency, have the potential to cause a considerable amount of 
damage with respect to overheating generators and causing false-protection trips.

Voltage differences in paralleled generators made by different manufacturers or
differences in standard pitch design configurations in generators made by the same
manufacturer can result in heavy neutral circulating currents. Additionally, alternative
energy sources such as solar and wind power that generate AC power can introduce 
heavy circulating currents in 4-wire parallel applications. When applied, GENLINK
will impede the flow of circulating currents while adding only minimal impedance to
the fault current path.

GENLINK DPNL can be used in both 3-wire and 4-wire systems. For 4-wire applications where there is return neutral current
from 1-Ph loads, the DPNL must be sized for this current as well as the circulating current. For 3-wire applications where there
is no return neutral current from 1-Ph loads, a smaller size DPNL can be used. Grounding of the neutral must be done at only
one location, which is recommended to be the distribution switchboard.


Inserts >40% impedance in neutral current circulating path

Reduces neutral circulating current by >75%

Adds <1% saturated impedance to 1-Ph fault path

No impedance to 3-Ph fault path

Use in 3-wire or 4-wire applications or any parallel source application with a common neutral and dissimilar voltage

Eliminates generator overheating and false protection trips caused by triple frequency circulating currents

Easy to install

Reliable and proven performance



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