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    Tracker 280
    Digital Panel Meter for Frequency, Counter, Timer, Flow Rate, Batching & Encoder Applications.
    You can find out more about the applications for the Tracker 280 by visiting our applications section or download related documentation from the area to the left. If you need additional advice, then contact us with no obligation to discuss your requirements further.
    Dual Input Panel Meter for Pulse Counting and Rate Measurement
    The Tracker 280 digital for demanding industrial applications that use sensors with AC or pulse outputs, including encoders. The Tracker 280 is suitable for use as a frequency meter, pulse counter, timer, flow rate indicator, totaliser and math derived totals (i.e. A-B).
    Key Features:
    Dual Input
    Standard 1/8th DIN size
    Transducer Supplies
    Bright 6-Digit Display
    Isolated Analogue Output
    User Scaling for Frequency and Pulses
    User Definable Panel Buttons Functions
    Serial Communications - Modbus
    IP65 Front Panel
    Universal Mains Power Input
    Up to 4 Alarm / Batch Control Outputs
    Totalisation to 12 Digits
    User Definable Logic Inputs