• Delphin Hardware Products

    Delphin develops, produces and sells measuring, testing and automation devices for applications in the fields of measurement, test stand and monitoring. Various series of devices, for different tasks enable our customers to find the right solution for your task quickly and efficiently.


    Expert Logger


    Expert Key



    Stand alone data logger for environmental measurement technology, measurement data diagnosis, lab data acquisition and energy optimization.


    PC-based measurement technology for data acquisition, test stand and research and development.



    Modular measurement for process data, fault data acquisition, experiments, tests and product testing.



    Expert Vibro


    Expert Transient



    Measuring device for recording transient signals and vibrations for the shaft vibration monitoring / analysis and bearing fault diagnosis.


    Data recorder for synchronous detection of transient and periodic events for example fault diagnositics finding on machinery, plant and devices.


    Data logger fault diagnostics, energy efficiency measurements, experiment and product testing.





    A new compact and flexible measurement system for data acquisition Industry IoT.