With a ProfiMessage D device, you can immediately begin using a optinal PROFINET interface as well as communicating to third-party systems via an OPC UA Server/Client. The device is also equipped with a display to show important configuration and measurement data. Other special features include universal sensor inputs, high-level data security, and a diverse range of interfaces.

Measurement data acquisition, monitoring and automation

The device utilises faster processor technology to provide the resources needed to realise any application. Its modular design is based on the use of master and slave devices. These can be equipped with one or two I/O modules. A large number of I/O modules means systems can be adapted to different sensor types as well as to the number of channels required. The I/O modules are equipped with 8–24 analog or digital inputs and outputs. In addition to these modules, a range of fieldbus interfaces are also available. Easy connections are possible to PLC control systems for data exchange purposes. With such a diversity of features and functions offered by ProfiMessage D devices, you gain instant benefits:

  •        Cost savings – just one system for measuring, monitoring and automation
  •        Time savings – easy to configure and practical to use
  •        Compatible for future needs – with OPC UA, ready for the IoT

ProfiMessage D enables you to easily develop applications according to your requirements, whether for measuring processes at machines, systems or test stands.

Independent data recording

ProfiMessage D devices record measurement data independently to an internal data storage capability of up to 32 GB, large enough for several billion measurement values including precision time stamps. A USB interface is available to extend the data storage capability via a USB stick.

Measurement data can be instantly read out online via an Ethernet interface during runtime. This can be performed manually on request or automatically according to a set time schedule. For stand-alone, network-independent operation, recorded measurement data can be transferred at the press of a button to a USB device for offline analysis.

Integrated IoT compatibility

Connecting a ProfiMessage D device to the cloud is possible for a range of application scenarios. Online measurement data can be transferred to a PC connected to the internet. The PC can then be used to access both current and historical data and to portray such data in trends (online applications). If the ProfiMessage D device is used as a stand-alone device for recording measurement data, the data can be automatically and regularly transferred to a cloud drive (offline applications). The data can then be accessed from the cloud and evaluated offline using the ProfiSignal software.

In online applications, the DataService software, which creates the connection to the ProfiMessage D devices, is run on a server in the cloud. Connection of the ProfiMessage D devices to the cloud takes place wirelessly via LAN/WLAN – secured via VPN. The required services, such as user authentication from a ProfiMessage D device, is provided as standard.

The DataService saves the measurement data to a database on the cloud server, and provides both online and historical measurement data for ProfiSignal trend diagrams. To set up such a solution requires a cloud server to enable the running of the DataService. The cloud server can be a server on the internet, a server on a company network, or a standard local PC.

Offline applications require only cloud-based server storage resources. The ProfiMessage D is connected to the internet via LTE or LAN/ WLAN and transfers its off-line measurement data using FTP, CIFS or NFS. When required, transfer to the server can also be made via a VPN. Users can download files from the cloud server and evaluate data off-line using ProfiSignal.


Product Features

  • Acquisition, signal conditioning and recording of measurement values
  • Monitoring functions with limit values and alarms
  • Universal analog inputs with high measurement precision
  • High level of galvanic isolation between channels
  • Simple and intuitive configuration and operation
  • Ethernet interface for online operation
  • USB interface for data read out
  • PROFINET, ModBus, CAN Bus and serial interfaces
  • Two PROFIBUS interfaces
  • Optional WLAN interface
  • Compact and modular design

Applications with ProfiMessage D

  • Modular measurement data acquisition
  • Monitoring systems
  • Process data acquisition and preprocessing
  • Fault-data acquisition and fault diagnostics
  • Acquisition, processing and recording of PLC and field bus signals
  • Automation device for experiments and test stands
  • Remote monitoring device for plant and machinery
  • Laboratory measurement acquisition and automation


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