Expert Transient is a data recorder that can operate independently for the synchronous acquisition of transient and periodical processes. Measurement data can be triggered or continuously recorded over long time periods. Expert Transient is equipped with the powerful FPGA technology.

The device is capable of synchronously acquiring and independently saving analog measurement data up to a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel in combination with digital signals. Data storage is highly secure due to an option for parallel recording to internal and external storage media.

Expert Transient is equipped with 8 or 16 synchronous analog inputs and 4 digital inputs. The system can be extended to over 100 analog signals via a LAN interface with high-speed synchronization protocols. An extension for additional synchronous digital inputs is also possible.

Product features

  • Acquisition of transient and periodic signals
  • Triggered and continuous acquisition modes
  • Diverse range of analysis functions
  • Includes the ProfiSignal Go analysis software
  • Synchronously extendible with analog and digital inputs
  • Independent, stand alone operation with long-term data storage capability
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi or UMTS / LTE networks
  • Highly compact design
  • Price advantage

Expert Transient is delivered with ProfiSignal Go software which enables recorded signals to be portrayed live in y(t) diagrams. Even large volumes of historical data are easy to analyse using the ProfiSignal software. The device's internal storage can be accessed using ProfiSignal Go and the data analysed offline. A signal sequence diagram is especially useful in providing an overview of the chronology of a malfunction event.


  • NAS storage device with connectivity via LAN
  • Mobile measurement case with BNC connectors
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • UMTS or LTE interface
  • Tablet for evaluating measurement data


  • Over 100 synchronous analog channels
  • Parallel acquisition of up to 100 digital channels
  • Measurement data from slow processes




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