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    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology products include sensors, cables, digital displays, signal conditioners, accessories, and sensor verification systems just to name a few.
    Available Models
    Instruments - IAA100 - Analog Amplifier with Voltage Output
    Instruments - IAA200 - Analog Amplifier with Current Output
    Instruments - IAA300 - Differential Strain Gauge Amplifier
    Instruments - IAC200 - 1-4 Channel Strain Gauge Summing Junction Box
    Instruments - IDA100 - Digitally Configurable Amplifier w/ USB Output
    Instruments - IHH500 - Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display
    Instruments - IPM650 - Intelligent Panel Mount
    Intelligent Panel Mount
    Instruments - USB220 - High Resolution USB Output Module
    Instruments - USB320 - Amplified Input USB Output Module
    Instruments - USB410 - Non-Amplified Input + Encoder USB Output Module
    Instruments - USB520 - USB Module for mV/V, Amplified and Encoder Input
    Instruments - USB530 - High Speed USB module for mV/V, Amplified and Encoder Input