D1000 - Power Regenerative Converter


    Save More Energy Solve Your Harmonics Issues Downsize Power Supply Reduce Maintenance Costs
    Global Standards Greater Downsizing

    Save More Energy

    Save More Electricity with Power Regeneration

    Combined with drives or servo systems, D1000 lets you effectively use energy by returning regenerative energy to the power supply.


    Reduce Wasteful Heat Loss

    You can greatly reduce heat loss from power supply facilities caused by harmonics.

    Connect Multiple Units

    Save Energy with Regenerative Energy
    In equipment that uses many drives or many servos, you can save energy by using all of the regenerative energy that you used to waste as the energy for other equipment.

    Supply Stable DC Voltages
    You can supply a stable DC voltage to drives and servo systems without being influenced by fluctuations in the input AC voltage.


    Energy Savings That You Can See

    You can use analog outputs and communications networks to easily and visually monitor all sorts of data. Operation is as easy as for a Yaskawa 1000-series AC drive.

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    Solve Your Harmonics Issues

    No Power Supply Harmonics

    There are no power supply harmonics (K5=0)and input power supply current waveform distortion is greatly reduced. You can comply with harmonic suppression guidelines. You do not need a separate harmonic compensator to reduce harmonics to the same degree as an active filter.

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    Downsize Power Supply Equipment

    Improved Power Factor

    Power supply power factor 1 control∗ and sinusoidal PWM control enable downsizing power supply facilities, including power cables and power receiving equipment, which greatly reduces facilities costs.

    By improving the power factor, you can expand equipment without increasing the capacity of existing power supply facilities.

    * : Power supply power factor 1 control: Control in which the power supply phase voltage and power supply current are in the same phase (power factor of 1).