Platforms Single Cell


    • Electronic platforms in stainless steel
    • Small and medium capacity
    • Accurate and robust
    • Standard version with approved load cell


    Degree of protection: IP65
    Power Supply (max): 15Vdc
    Shielded cable for connection to indicator  
    Support column for indicator on request)
    Calibration service platform with weight indicator on request
    CE-M 3000e: always in touch with the calibration service (on request)
    Plan: in stainless steel
    Structure in tubular stainless steel, adjustable feet and level bubble
    Operation with load cell type 350 Ohm "single point" in aluminum, stainless steel airtight enclosure, approved according to OIML R60 C3 (3000 divisions)
    TYPE CAPACITY (kg) DIV. (g) A B C
    PMEIO 6-15-30 2-5-10 300 300 130
    PMEI1 30-60-150 10-20-50 400 400 140
    PMEI2 60-150-300 20-50-100 600 600 150
    PMEI3 300-600 100-200 800 800 165