Simple Probe replacement               without any need for software           programming 

    Available with Standard Digital         Probes, Flexures and Block             Gauges

    Connector has IP67 rating

    Small Diameter Connector for           easy installation 

    Resolution programmable to

        <0.01 μm

    Excellent repeatability and               linearity

    Precision ball bearing pencil             probes 

    Traceable calibration


    Orbit® 3 Digital Probes with In Line Connector


    Solartron Metrology, the world leader in digital gauging probe innovation introduces an accurate and innovative measuring solution whereby a digital probe and electronics are connected with an in line connector. The in line connector can be mounted close to the probe so that the probe can be replaced without having to unthread/thread the cable. It can also be mounted on the Probe Interface Electronics (PIE) module.


    Solartron Metrology uses a dedicated digital probe which has much better screening for magnetic and electrical immunity. The in line connector feature allows flexibility while maintaining a very high resolution, excellent linearity and a high data speed of the Orbit® 3 system. Probes can be replaced without any reprogramming of the controlling software. Small diameter of the connector allows easier threading through a machine for replacement. It has a lightweight, corrosion resistant glass reinforced thermoplastic body, with IP67 protection against dust and water ingress