Wide range of compatible            transducers

    Fast reading rates with high        data integrity

    Network up to 150 different        transducers with one interface

    Communicate with any                computer or PLC

    Range of Software drivers and    tools for easy set up


    Protocol Interface Module (PIM)


    The PIM, is a PLC compatible EtherNet/IP™ to Orbit® 3 interface module, that enable easy connections between any EtherNet/IP™ enabled controller and Solartron’s flexible Orbit® 3 digital measurement system. The PIM makes it simple to interface a wide range of contact and non contact linear measurement sensors, rotary encoders, temperature and pressure sensors and discrete inputs and outputs via EtherNet/IP™. This stand alone, Din Rail mounted module provides one EtherNet/IP™ port and one Orbit® 3 port which can power up to ten sensors;. This can be extended up to a maximum of 150 sensors with the use of supplementary power modules.