Orbit ACS Applications


    Solartron Metrology, the world leader in linear measurement, introduces Orbit® ACS, which stands for Automation and Control Systems. Available to both end users and automation OEMs, the new units verify key dimensions to support quality control in electronic, semiconductor, automotive and other manufacturing applications. Users can quickly set up the digital probe and process limits on the integral keypad and screen; no programming is required. Output to a PLC can be accomplished by several protocols including Modbus over RS232 or RS485,or RS232 output. Three lines of discrete digital output and four lines of discrete digital inputs are available.

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     SI100 / 200

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    Manual measuring station with SI100


    The time consuming and error ridden method of hand writting measurements from vernier callipers can be replaced with a Digital Probe. This construction combined with an SI100 enables the measurement station to supply the values to a PC via R232 directly into the table.